Next Camp Starts On Wednesday January 3rd 2018


Small Group Training at Body by Greg offers 6 - week programs followed by one week of rest. Each six week program focused on a different aspect of fitness. For example one program (camp) focused on improving metabolism via high intensity interval training while the next camp's main focus is increased strength and flexibility.

This kind of structure allows for good planning of the training and keeps members learning new types and techniques. It is interesting and effective because nobody get bored with the same routines. Also members get a chance to increase their knowledge on different methods of exercising and improve their fitness on all levels. Typical side effect of this approach is a weight loss and improve quality of live 🙂

Current Schedule:

5 am - 5:45 am class M,W,F

6 am - 6:45 am class M,W,F

7 am - 7:45 am class M,W,F

8 am - 8:45 am class M,W,F

9 am - 9:45 am class M,W,F

Each 6 week program starts with an orientation meeting. During the meeting we explain the programming and methodology of training used in upcoming session.

We also take all measurements and pictures of all participants to establish their "before" profile so we can compare it with the "after" profile at the end of each camp. Such operation allows us to keep track of everyone's progress and sets the members out for achieving specific goals. It has an accountability component built in that has been proven to work very well for our members.

Call us for details at 614-769-5542 and reserve your spot for next orientation meeting.  

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