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Fitness Classes Offered At Body by Greg - Current Schedule

Fitness Classes available currently at Body by Greg are broken down into 6 weeks camps followed by 1 week break. It allows us to implement different methods of fitness training so everyone can learn something useful for themselves and benefit from it. 

Some camps are focused primarily on losing fat, some on building strength and other on cardio vascular efficiency and improved flexibility. 

We programmed our fitness classes in this specific way to make them interesting, challenging and fun.  

5 am - First Class Of The Day              5 days a week - M-T-W-T-F

6 am - Second Class Of The Day        5 days a week - M-T-W-T-F

7 am - Third Class Of The Day            5 days a week - M-T-W-T-F

9.30 am - Fourth Class Of The Day     5 days a week - M-T-W-T-F

For individual training programs please contact Greg directly 614-769-5542

You are welcome to come try our fitness classes for one week for free. 🙂

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