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Online Fitness Courses

Online Fitness Training provided by Greg Jasnikowski is a great way to use the knowledge and expertise of Greg Jasnikowski when the circumstances don't allow for attendance at our personal training studio.

Many people around the World have been successfully using online video fitness courses designed by Greg.

They love the fact that they can access World Class training anytime, anywhere and at the fraction of the cost. 

There are many choices our there when it comes to online coaching in fitness industry. I wanted to create a program that guarantees success without spending thousands of dollars and traveling thousands of miles. I believe that my online fitness portal can serve many people with high rate of success.

Just to mention a few benefits of becoming a member of Body by Greg Online

  1. Available everywhere where there is access to the Internet
  2. Simple yet effective workout sessions
  3. Time saver (No need to drive to the gym in traffic)
  4. Cost effective
  5. You can use them on your terms. Whenever you have free time, just log in and follow the workout with me.
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One of the great applications of this system is its implementation as a corporate wellness and fitness program for any company in the World. For details how to use this program contact Greg Jasnikowski directly at 614-769-5542 or via email

There are several options to choose from at Greg's Online Fitness Portal ​

To find your fitness program simply click here