Evening Class - Personal Trainer Columbus Ohio, Body by Greg, Personal Training

BBG Evening Class Relaunched! Read Below The Video!


We will resume an evening class at BBG. This will be a PILOT program for 5 weeks. If it catches on we will continue in the New Year. 

First class is on Thursday November 30th at 6.30 pm 
I will be present to introduce you to the concept and a new trainer/intern Warren who will be overseeing the program. 

I will be teaching the class (indirectly) via a video. 
Warren will supervise the class and make sure everyone is safe and sound. 

The cost for this PILOT program is just $50 bucks. 

You will have 9 classes to attend. Every Tuesday and Thursday at 6.30 pm 

This is stand alone program and can't be combine with other programs available at BBG. 

To reserve your spot please click on this link and pay with PayPal. 

The fee is $50

We have only 10 spots.


If you have any questions please call me at 614-769-5542 (my cell phone) 

Thank you.