Grzegorz Jasnikowski - About Your Personal Trainer and Friend

About Greg Jasnikowski

Grzegorz Jasnikowski - That is my given name. To make it easy I switched to Greg so you can say it easily! 

They call me the “medicine man” because I deliver “the medicine”. What is my medicine?

It’s simple, healthy eating and hard work at the gym with a positive mindset and accountability.

It works every time.

I am not a doctor. I’ll make you feel better and look better if you take the “medicine”. Train with me online, at the gym, or your own home to find out how my “medicine” could change your life.

My philosophy on life is simple: Fitness First, Business Second, Family Third and Above All God

Why fitness first you may ask? It’s quite simple. Without being fit and healthy you can’t run your business. Without business you can’t support your family.


The founder of POWER UP TRAINING SYSTEM, 4-time Polish National Champion in Tae Kwon-Do is professional physical training and boxing instructor. Using over 15 years of experience and knowledge (Master degree in Physical Education, IFPA, NASM APEX CPT) Greg Jasnikowski developed a unique program that combines martial art’s power techniques, plyometric athletic drills, and the best strength-weight bearing exercises with incredibly effective stretching routines. Power UP is the most successful fee-based personal training program ever offered in the Columbus, Ohio area.


Grzegorz Jasnikowski:

Masters Degree in Physical Education from Academy Of Physical Education in Wroclaw, Poland, Performance Enhancement Specialist - National Academy Of Sport Medicine, IFPA Certified Personal Trainer, APEX - Nutrition Program Certified, First degree black belt in Tae Kwon-Do ITF, Certified Boxing Instructor, Certified Massage Therapist, Founder of Power UP Training System, Founder of, Personal Trainer to NFL player Jay Richardson, Personal Trainer to morning radio show host Jerry Elliot - QFM 96.3

Personal Trainer to thousands of happy, satisfied clients who improved greatly their health and fitness

Don’t wait until you have to see the doctor, See "The Medicine Man"



Company Goal and Objectives: Deliver a good quality service (fitness and wellness program) to all Body by Greg clients and leave a long lasting, positive impact on their lives.

Business Philosophy: Simplicity and convenience are the two most appealing factors in any environment. It is especially important in the world of fitness training. In our daily operations delivering easy to understand and applicable information is the priority. Members of "BBG family" must be able to make smart decisions based on suggestions and examples provided in the programs. Science based approach, backed by solid research is the only way to achieve measurable results. Nothing can be left to hype, outrageous claims and newest fads. Persistence and clearly set goals with great reward system will ensure member's success.

Grzegorz Jasnikowski - Your Personal Trainer and Friend

Grzegorz Jasnikowski - Fitness Coach
Greg Jasnikowski - Your Personal Trainer and Frined
Greg Jasnikowski Fitness Trainer
Grzegorz Jasnikowski
Grzegorz Jasnikowski with Ron Coleman
Grzegorz Jasnikowski

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