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Healthy joints is what everyone seems going after these days.  I get many new clients in my studio every month and most common complain besides carrying too much weight/fat is bad joints. People suffer from having pain in knees, necks, elbows or lower back.

Scroll down to see the video which address the issue of stiff, tight and painful joints.

healthy joints


My name is Greg Jasnikowski and I am a Columbus Ohio based personal trainer who helps people like you to live a healthy lifestyle by educating them on how to achieve optimal fitness, proper fat percentage, healthy joints and beautiful capable body. 

The health of your joints is important. If you joints are healthy you feel young, flexible, pain free. The quality of your life improves greatly with healthy joints in your body. 

Below I present you one of the workouts I provide to my clients at my studio in Columbus or via my membership based online fitness program. This 30 minute routine brings improvement to your mobility, flexibility and quality of daily life. It helps to make your joints healthy again. 

Enjoy the video below, and if you like what you see contact me to join my program. 

Please be advised that information included in below video are for informational purposes only. Consult with your physician or health care practitioner before starting any fitness program

Healthy Joints Workout That Makes You Feel Young Again

I hope you enjoyed this workout and got a little dose of knowledge on how to work with your body to achieve healthy joints. 

It is important to stay consistent with your workout and progress slowly. We do not want to make things worse. If you can progress by just 1% each time, you are on your way to have good quality life with healthy joints as your support. 

Please give yourself a favor and contact me to start your own training program at my studio. 

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