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“FINALLY! A Columbus Weight Loss & Fitness Program That Combines the Ultra Fun Environment and Cost Effective Structure of a Boot Camp WITH the Individualization and Extra Coaching That Personal Training Provides!!”


BBG Fitness Training at Body by Greg Personal Training Studio on Bethel Rd in Columbus Ohio

Dear Friend,

Personal Training in Columbus Will NEVER Be the Same Again!

YES! That is a very bold statement, and I’m more than prepared to back it up.

Until now, personal training programs in Columbus have been built on a one-on-one personal training model. In other words, one personal trainer works with one client…typically for a one-hour personal training session.

I’m here to tell you that model, for the most part, is OBSOLETE!

One-on-One Personal training boring…

One-on-One Personal training lacks energy…

AND, one-on-one personal training is missing one of the most important factors for weight loss success… SOCIAL SUPPORT.

Now, on the flip side, One-on-One Personal Training DOES PROVIDE very individualized programming and a very detailed level of coaching. Hold that thought…

Right now, boot camps are all the rage in the fitness industry, and rightfully so. Boot Camps, when done right, are extremely efficient and incredibly effective for weight loss and fitness.

Plus, they’re just WAY MORE FUN than training alone.

The only downside I see with boot camps is the loss of individually focused attention and highly customized training that One-on-One Personal Training provides. Up until now, it’s pretty much been one or the other, but that’s all about to change thanks to…

BBG Fitness Training at Body by Greg Personal Training Studio

BBG Fitness Training is fun…YOU WILL HAVE A BLAST!

BBG Fitness Training is full of energy…YOU WILL FEEL ALIVE!

BBG Fitness Training provides social support…YOU WILL MAKE GREAT FRIENDS!

Most importantly…BBG Fitness Training WORKS!

Now, if you’re asking yourself, “Who is this guy, and why is he the authority on personal training programs in Columbus?” please allow me a few minutes to introduce myself…


My name is Greg Jasnikowski

My fitness story begins 30 years ago.

As an altar boy I was on my way to the church to serve at the mass. Suddenly I was stopped by two older kids who asked me to return some powder. I did not know what they want and explained that I did not have what they wanted. I think they took me for someone else. Needless to say a few minutes later I was left on the street with busted nose and bleeding lips. 

Coincidentally a few days later I saw a poster advertising a TaeKwon-do school. This was a sign. I realized I needed to learn how to protect myself and decided that I will never be defeated like that again.

I joined the school and a few years later I was a black belt in TaeKwon-do.  My training helped me shape up my future. Through competition I was able to travel and see places. I was able to meet and learn from different people. I was growing. One day my coach asked me if I could sub him during the morning class for 7 year old kids. I did not hesitate. This was my discovery of my purpose. I loved teaching the class and I decided that I wanted to be a trainer when I grew up.

Sometimes rough beginning can lead to successful ending. It was certainly a huge motivator for me.

Few decades forward, I am that trainer I always wanted to be.

I am the one who makes sure my clients do not go defeated. I am the one who supports them in every possible way to success. I am their personal trainer and friend.  I am very successful with my clients not because of my passion or knowledge (that's given) but because of the opportunity that was presented to me 30 years ago.... my first TaeKwon-do practice. 

I want all my clients to experience the same - the best they can find. I believe I can provide that experience. 

So, that’s my story. But, what’s more exciting are the success stories my satisfied clients have! Here are just a few that I thought you’d enjoy…

LeAnn Beard Warren reviewed Body by Greg, Personal Training and Fitness Boot Camp in Columbus OHIO5 star
June 21


Greg pushes me so hard every day BUT he's so motivating that I want to always do and be my best at my workouts. I haven't lost all the weight just yet to be at goal BUT I know I am stronger (have muscle) and am burning the fat away.

If you are looking for a trainer, check out Body by Greg!! He does not fail to push you to your goals!

Jefferson Lao reviewed Body by Greg, Personal Training and Fitness Boot Camp in Columbus OHIO5 star
October 14 at 7:36am


Greg is extremely knowledgeable in his craft and knows how to help every person according to their specific fitness condition and need. Never a dull moment in his workouts. Great results.

Keyonnie Whetstone reviewed Body by Greg, Personal Training and Fitness Boot Camp in Columbus OHIO5 star
July 6


I absolutely LOVE it here. The atmosphere and ambiance is amazing, the people are so welcoming and encouraging and the trainer is a PHENOM . In this short time I've been training here I have received a wealth of information and feel better than I have felt in years. Thanks so much for all that you do are such a blessing to us all

“Now It’s Your Turn to Look and Feel as Awesome as They Do! Will You Let Me Help YOU?”

YES! Greg, I’m ready to get amazing results like LeAnn, Keyonnie and Jefferson. I’m going to click the button below to secure my Free Week Of Training in your one-of-a-kind BBG Fitness Training.

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Finally losing the weight and feeling healthy every day

BBG Fitness Training WILL Turn This Fantasy Into a Fact!”

We take guessing out of your mind. You show up and follow the instructions.

We provide you with a template for easy and effective nutrition plan that is the key ingredient of this program. Other gyms provide zero nutrition guidance or charge arm and leg to tell you you need to stop drinking pop.

We support you all the way - in the gym and outside the gym. 

You will belong to the group of friends who are determined to help each other. You will make friends for life

You will feel and look awesome. As a matter of fact everyone will envy you. ​

BOTTOM LINE: BBG Fitness Training Delivers RESULTS!

Gretchen Weller reviewed Body by Greg, Personal Training and Fitness Boot Camp in Columbus OHIO5 star
October 16, 2015


Great trainer. Great group of people to work out with. It had been challenging and rewarding. Greg really keeps you going and holds you accountable.

Brad Onken reviewed Body by Greg, Personal Training and Fitness Boot Camp in Columbus OHIO5 star
December 7, 2015


I am in the best condition of my adult life. Not since high school athletics have I been in this condition and I credit Greg for that!

Gisela Chang reviewed Body by Greg, Personal Training and Fitness Boot Camp in Columbus OHIO5 star
October 19, 2015


I was skeptical about doing a morning workout routine, but now I love it! Great variety of workouts, people to keep me accountable, and a food plan that's easy to stick to. After just one week, I was feeling a difference.

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A Columbus Personal Training Program That Delivers Results At An Affordable Rate

Best of all, our Columbus BBG Fitness Training  program is at a price that won’t break the bank – BIG problem with One-on-One Personal Training programs in Columbus.

Let’s run some quick numbers, shall we?

A good, not great, personal trainer in Columbus is going to run you $75/session. Mind you, that’s generally an entry-level trainer at a quality facility. I can tell you, I was personally charging $135 when I worked in the health club, and now I can command even more.

But, let’s go with the $ 75 trainer for this example…

Most people know that they should train 2-3 times per week with a personal trainer if they want to see results. Well, it doesn’t take a math whiz to realize that’s going to cost $900 – $ 1.500 per month! And, remember, that’s with an average trainer!! At my old rates we’re talking $ 1200+ per month!!!

While I know I am worth every damn penny, I recognize the need for a more affordable program because personal training DOES HAVE VALUE – a lot, really. And, there are a lot of people, perhaps you, who would like to get those benefits, but on a more cost friendly budget, right?


Our BBG Fitness Training program start as low as $ 250 /month!

Now that’s a hell of a bargain!!

In addition to the incredible value and awesome training that our BBG Fitness Training program provides, members will also receive:

  • Nutrition plans that simply work
  • Weekly Challenges to Complete (nobody does this in Columbus) 
  • Weekly Newsletter jam-packed with relevant information to help you learn and apply. 

Yeah, this program has it all…

“We’re Ready to Get You The Results You’ve Always Wanted AND Truly Deserve…Are YOU?”

YES! Greg, I’m ready to get amazing results like the rest of your clients. I’m going to click the button below to secure my Free Week Trial  in your one-of-a-kind BBG Fitness Training program.

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I can’t wait to meet you!!

Burn Fat Not Time! 

P.S. – Now’s your chance to take advantage of our FREE WEEK TRIAL and see for yourself that YOU CAN ACHIEVE ALL YOUR WEIGHT LOSS & FITNESS GOALS!

P.P.S. – The next  weeks are going to go by no matter what… You might as well make good use of them with this special free trial offer… CALL OR CLICK RIGHT NOW!

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