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Welcome to BBG morning session at my studio. You should be here too 🙂 Take a look and follow along this workout to see and feel what it is like to train at Body by Greg Personal Training Small Group Program. 

I actually video tape each and every workout that happens in the studio in the morning and you can have access to it via this program 

I have hundreds of those workouts waiting for you there. So if you can't come to my studio you can always follow the program as a member of my online portal. 


Most people don't go to the gyms or personal training studio because they are simply scared, intimidated and afraid of being made fun of.

As you can see from the above video, the atmosphere in my studio is very inviting, respectful and fun. Everyone here is for a reason and they work hard to reach their fitness goals. Don't be afraid to at least try us. Click "Start Here"  below and we will contact you to schedule your first visit.  

Procrastination Is The Enemy Of Success!


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