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11 Reasons Why You Should Consider Joining Body by Greg

11 reasons why residents of Greater Columbus are choosing this sleek 900 sq. foot studio to train and to direct their health and fitness goals.


Walk into Dominic’s Salon and Company on 1545 Bethel Rd. and go directly up the flight of stairs, which stands under the dazzling chandelier that greets you.  At the top, turn right and you will enter a medium-sized studio framed with tall windows and Marvel Superheroes.  A line of dumbbells and Kettlebells rests along one wall while a chin-up bar and a Smith Machine stand along another wall.  You may wonder what is so special about this place.  But clients at Body by Greg (BBG) explain why this is the place they choose to return to again and again for training and direction in their fitness and health goals.


Here’s what they are saying:


  1. You get healthier and better looking:
  • “I am healthier today than I was 10 years ago! I look and feel better than ever before!”Naveen Reddy
  • “I’m in better shape and eating healthier.”Angela Welch-Dally


  1. You get variety
  • “Every workout is different than the last.”Scott Cook
  • “You get a variety of workouts.”Gisela Chang


  1. You get support
  • “At BBG, you’re made to feel like family, not just people who work out together. We support each other.”Ashley Howard
  • “BBG is a family. We support each other through it all.”Jill Collins
  • “The environment in the classes is encouraging and comfortable. You feel like you want to be there.”Angela Lietzau-Lao


  1. You get accountability
  • “You get accountability from the BBG family who want to see you succeed.”Gisela Chang
  • “We support each other and hold each other accountable.”Ashley Howard
  • “Greg will never let you cheat, even in a group of 10 people.”Tanya Koganov


  1. You get a trainer who believes in you
  • “Greg doesn’t give up on you and he doesn’t allow you to give up.”Angela Welch-Dally
  • “Greg truly cares about you and your health and success.”Jill Collins
  • “Greg is an awesome trainer. Seriously the best. He is very passionate about what he does and he really wants every person to succeed.”Tanya Koganov


  1. You get a trainer who respects YOU
  • “He works just as hard with people who are overweight and out of shape as he does with athletes and bodybuilders.”Glenna Lee Annarino


  1. You get a trainer who expects the best from you:
  • “Greg understands you better than you understand yourself and pushes you through. He will never let you cheat. He will count and make you work and he will not proceed until you have done your absolutely best.”Tanya Koganov
  • “Greg doesn’t give up on you and he doesn’t allow you to give up.”Angela Welch-Dally
  • Gregpushes you to achieve a level of strength and fitness you didn’t realize you had in you”Gisela Chang


  1. You get a trainer who knows where he wants to take you
  • “Greg trains in a way that forces me to develop all aspects of my fitness, including strength, speed, balance, flexibility, endurance and even coordination.”Scott Cook
  • “The exercises are not randomly thrown together. They are thought out and intentional, with your warm-ups preparing your body for whatever impact may come.”Angela Lietzau-Lao


  1. You learn
  • “It’s not just a workout-BBG educates you on how to live healthier”Gisela Chang


  1. You get stronger
  • “It is the best feeling to see your progress over time, not just weight loss but to see how strong you are becoming.”Jill Collins
  • Gregpushes you to achieve a level of strength and fitness you didn’t realize you had in you.”Gisela Chang


  • “I lost over 30 lbs in 10 weeks.”Ashley Howard
  • “I have never seen results like I have while training with Greg.”Jill Collins
  • “It’s not much time put in for a great outcome.”Angela Lietzau-Lao


Are you looking to improve your health, lose weight and become a stronger person?  Look no further!  Come visit the studio, take the stairs on the right, which are under the glittering chandelier, and we’ll get you started on your own way up.

Call me now at 614-769-5542


Lisa BBG