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Here is a workout for all fathers out there who celebrated their day yesterday!  I know what you ate and drank so now go ahead and burn it off. All you need is a set of light weights and 45 minutes. Let's Go! 

Consult with your doctor or health care professional before starting this or any physical training program. The video presented below is for informational purposes only. Author does not claim any responsibilities for damages or injuries that can occur. Enter at your own risk. 


This is amazing display of how you can change the state of your mind in minutes. The state of your mind affects the state of you live. Follow the exercises in this video and feel for yourself. Tony Robbins, thank you sir! 


Enjoy the fudge!  This is simple and easy to make recipe but also healthy since we are using good, organic ingredients to make it. 

1 cup of organic almond butter

1 cup of organic coconut oil

1 cup of organic cacao powder

1/2 cup of raw honey

1/2 tea spoon of good salt

Watch the video. Make your own fudge and let us know if you liked it. 



I am making sure that when stay at home order is lifted and people are going to go back to collapsed economy they are healthy and strong because only those will be hired in the new reality!

I provide daily morning physical training via live zoom call and I am available to help with any nutrition and supplementation advice to help you lose fat, build strength, improve your immune system, eliminate pain, make you more flexible and build you up physically and mentally through the discipline of starting your morning with a correct workout. 

Do not take NETFLIX AND CHILL ROUTE during this lockdown times!


Get healthier! Get stronger!

After virus goes away only healthy and strong will be hired! Economy is crushing and you will be pushed away if you are not ready to work, start business and solve problems. (New Problems)

Come join me daily for a morning workout that will get you in shape and prepare you for the good fight! 

What if there was a daily morning live online workout that;

Made Sense

Was Designed by Real Fitness Pro with Proven Track Record


Easy to Implement

Required very minimum equipment

Took no more than 45 minutes of your day

Was consistent, reliable, fun, challenging, progressive, friendly, non-intimidating, effective, made you feel and look good............

Would you be interested? Of course you would. 

Hire A Personal Trainer

Hire A Personal Trainer

An authentic surge of motivation will change your life immediately. Hire a personal trainer, me and discover what's possible. 

The best part of my day is seeing clients just like you achieve amazing results. Whether you drop a few sizes, lose the baby weight, get off your blood pressure meds, or shrink your waist, the excitement is always contagious.

It’s hard to describe that euphoria that settles in once you’ve achieved your fitness goal. It’s one of those things that you have to experience to understand.

Every single one of my clients who have achieved massive results have ONE THING IN COMMON…

They are all highly motivated.

I am in a unique position. I know how to get you (or anyone else who walks through my door) into great shape. I can coach you through a 50-pound weight loss. I can guide you to a healthier body. I can even train you into a toned athlete.

But there is one catch.

You’ll need to be motivated.

Just saying, or even just thinking, that you want to get into great shape isn’t enough. You need motivation—and that’s just half of the equation. The other part (and the most important) is ACTION.

Nothing happens until you take action.

You can want it, think about it, mull it over, ponder it, plan it, and then re-plan it. But nothing happens until you take action.

While I may not know your story—it’s probably safe to assume that you want to drop fat and tone up. You want to look better, to have more energy, to experience fewer aches and pains, and to enjoy sweet satisfaction as you achieve your goals once and for all.

I know that all of my successful clients were once in your shoes. They wanted to change their bodies. They felt urgency. And then they did what most fail to do. They took action and contacted me.

But there is more to it than that. They then committed to a program, put in the exercise, stuck to their diet and met their goals. There’s nothing more gratifying than getting back into those jeans that now sit in the back of your closet.

People who take massive action get massive rewards. And those that simply talk about losing weight will continue to put weight on, pound after pound. I hate to put it that way, but it’s the truth.

So what do you want?

  • To drop 40 pounds
  • To feel younger
  • To look better in your birthday suit
  • To become healthier

How bad do you want it? How much motivation do you have? Enough to take MASSIVE ACTION?

The rewards are great IF you do.

Your first step is to call or email me now to get started! Let’s do this.

Hire a personal trainer you can trust. 

hire a personal trainer
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