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Give Help - Get Help

This is a page where you can get help or provide one. I asked my clients to share their information on what  they do professionally and how to contact them.

Share your gifts with us by sending email to and I will add you to the list.

Thank you.

I will start with myself:

Greg Jasnikowski

I provide fitness and nutrition guidance and coaching for individuals, groups and organizations interested in improving their health, fitness and well-being. I do so by providing in-person and online programs that are affordable and easy to implement. Everyone's welcome! 

Ways to contact me:


Olga Farafonova

My business is 

I am passionate about bringing  yoga, functional movement and anatomy together in my classes. 

OlgaYoga flow classes concentrate on following areas: breathe, alignment, strength, core function, and balance.

♦️RYC®️ teacher


♦️RYT 200🧘‍♀️ 

♦️hypopressives level 1

♦️passionate about anatomy, health

Sandhya Elango

I’m a Visual Designer. Currently, in my full-time gig, I work at The Ohio State University Fisher College of Business as a Design and Visual Strategist mostly focusing on graphic design services for marketing and communications. As a freelance designer for my part-time side gig, I work with small businesses/entrepreneurs for creating cohesive brands (including logos and visual identities) and supporting them with design applications for print-based marketing (i.e. business cards, brochures, one-pagers, signs, banners, etc), and as well as digital marketing (i.e. web design, email marketing, and campaigns for social media). Get in touch with me via email ( or give me a call or send me a message (614-209-9509) to chat about your vision and goals!


Kelsie Cummings

I work in medical insurance and am happy to help answer questions. I used to work in estate sales so I know some cool info about old/valuable things. I make masks for the pandemic. I am pretty skilled with excel sheets/large sets of data as well as formatting/proofreading documents. I'm a great writer (academics) and can help with essays if anyone has kids who have questions. I have Adobe photoshop, illustrator, and indesign and am proficient in all three if anyone needs help. I want to try my hand at web design so if anyone has any related projects...I can bake just about anything. I have a cat and can send cute pictures haha. I'm pretty crafty in general, so besides making masks I can draw (portraits as well) and do paper crafts. Use any of these that people may need/want to know!


Dominic Howley

Owner of Dominic and Company. Need a hair cut? I am your man.

Stephanie Stark

I am a mental health therapist - areas of specialty: depression, anxiety, grief, relationship issues, life transitions, high stress professions, self esteem and confidence, couples counseling, life transitions. I have two offices in columbus and Powell but am currently doing 100 percent Telehealth during the pandemic with a plan to resume in person sessions when safe (But I will also continue to offer telehealth as well)


Marisa Dean

I have been working at Ecole Kenwood for 19 years.

It is a public school with a french immersion program.

One has to be drawn from the lottery in order to enter this school.

In kindergarten everything is taught  in french.

I am the instructional assistant for the kindergarten.

I  mostly take care of the little one who needs a little extra help in learning.

  The one who has a little harder time to adapt or to behave.

I work one to one or 2 to one with those children, trying to catch up

  with the other students in exposing them with different approaches.

The school is located on Shattuck Ave off Highland Ave, McCoy...

I can be reached by Email

or by phone 614- 459-2507

Dawn Steele

I am a social worker.  No real skills.  Problem solving  Resource finding and therapist. I can offer my time and help where needed


Here is a workout for all fathers out there who celebrated their day yesterday!  I know what you ate and drank so now go ahead and burn it off. All you need is a set of light weights and 45 minutes. Let's Go! 

Consult with your doctor or health care professional before starting this or any physical training program. The video presented below is for informational purposes only. Author does not claim any responsibilities for damages or injuries that can occur. Enter at your own risk. 


This is amazing display of how you can change the state of your mind in minutes. The state of your mind affects the state of you live. Follow the exercises in this video and feel for yourself. Tony Robbins, thank you sir! 


Enjoy the fudge!  This is simple and easy to make recipe but also healthy since we are using good, organic ingredients to make it. 

1 cup of organic almond butter

1 cup of organic coconut oil

1 cup of organic cacao powder

1/2 cup of raw honey

1/2 tea spoon of good salt

Watch the video. Make your own fudge and let us know if you liked it. 



I am making sure that when stay at home order is lifted and people are going to go back to collapsed economy they are healthy and strong because only those will be hired in the new reality!

I provide daily morning physical training via live zoom call and I am available to help with any nutrition and supplementation advice to help you lose fat, build strength, improve your immune system, eliminate pain, make you more flexible and build you up physically and mentally through the discipline of starting your morning with a correct workout. 

Do not take NETFLIX AND CHILL ROUTE during this lockdown times!


Get healthier! Get stronger!

After virus goes away only healthy and strong will be hired! Economy is crushing and you will be pushed away if you are not ready to work, start business and solve problems. (New Problems)

Come join me daily for a morning workout that will get you in shape and prepare you for the good fight! 

What if there was a daily morning live online workout that;

Made Sense

Was Designed by Real Fitness Pro with Proven Track Record


Easy to Implement

Required very minimum equipment

Took no more than 45 minutes of your day

Was consistent, reliable, fun, challenging, progressive, friendly, non-intimidating, effective, made you feel and look good............

Would you be interested? Of course you would. 

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